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Thomas R. Butler, Inc. provides a full spectrum of pre-construction services. With every project comes an opportunity to better serve our clients with a skilled professional and collaborative approach to the entire construction process. This process begins with the successful navigation through the pre-construction stage; whether defining scope of work, reviewing design, assessing alternative materials, optimizing value, controlling cost, meeting scheduled deadlines or analyzing bids. Our approach manages the intent of the design team while meeting the desires of the owners ultimately developing the best solution for the project.

Combined with our construction knowledge and professional collaborative approach, Thomas R. Butler Inc. offers our clients a comprehensive scope of pre-construction services.

The Thomas R Butler, Inc. approach is by far the most productive and valuable pre-construction method. Our 40 years of sustainability in the construction industry as a developer/contractor coupled with our extensive background, experience and industry relationships enable our team to bring those thoughts and ideas to the table. The result creates a client and trade friendly environment that builds team unity which ultimately maximizes team efficiency and project quality.

Development & Planning Strategies

In collaboration with our client and architect, Thomas R. Butler, Inc. will define and establish responsibilities and general construction procedures. Initiate those procedures and conduct design and construction meetings. Provide recommendations on the feasibility of the strategies. Gather and disseminate all pertinent project information and incorporate those strategies into the design.

Design Team Identification

Thomas R. Butler, Inc. will identify and assemble the formal design team to include all necessary construction professionals and consultants. Establish specific responsibilities for each team member and incorporate those duties into the professional task matrix.

Project Site Evaluation

Thomas R. Butler, Inc. will gather and analyze valuable information for the owner’s benefit specific to the site including; utilities, soils conditions, development issues, zoning requirements, traffic and neighborhood issues.

Plan & Specification Design

Throughout the design process Thomas R Butler, Inc. will review the status of the design with the architect and engineer for compliance issues, design elements and project milestones. Our team will recommend to the owner material selections, building systems and methods of delivery.

Energy Planning-Title-24 and LEED Analysis

Thomas R Butler, Inc. encourages all of our clients to incorporate sustainable design elements and green building methods when designing their project. Our LEED certified team can provide a cost analysis to determine the viability to the overall project budget.

Constructability and Feasibility Analysis

The Thomas R Butler, Inc. pre-construction team will review all architectural, structural and engineering drawings. Our team will coordinate the drawings to be clear and complete, making sure there are no gaps or overlaps. It is at this time that we value engineer the design to maximize the project feasibility.

Budget Estimates & Value-Engineering Recommendations

Our team will work diligently to manger crunch the project estimates using all plausible and foreseeable methods including income approach forecasting and pro-forma based budgeting. We will prepare conceptual estimates as major project requirements are established, use value-Engineering procedures, recommend alternative methods and materials that are cost effective yet maintain the integrity of the project design. Periodic budget updates are performed during the process as design and development changes are incorporated. These changes are tracked in comparison to the initial estimates and reported to the client. The client has the final decision on which design ideas will ultimately be use into the project.

Bid Package & Scope of Work

Working closely with the architect and engineer, our team will oversee, review and compile all drawing documents generated by the various professionals into a complete bid package. The package will be presented to the client for final approval before initiating the competitive bid process.

Sub-Contractor Prequalification & Bid Promotion

Thomas R. Butler, Inc. will begin the process of pre-qualifying bidders and distributing bid packages to all eligible sub-contractors, suppliers and fabricators. We will actively advertise and solicit numerous bids for all work categories in order to provide our client with the best in competitive bidding. All perceived low bidders will be interviewed to evaluate both the validity and completeness of their bids. We will prepare a list of recommended subcontractors for each category for the client’s review and final approval.

Coordination of Contract Documents

Thomas R. Butler, Inc. will prepare and issue the sub-contracts, purchase orders and notices to proceed for each category of work. We will offer suggestions on how to structure the subcontracts and our team will conduct Pre-Construction meetings to discuss job site procedures and scheduling timelines.

Safety Planning

In California, every employer is required by law to provide a safe and healthful workplace for his/her employees. The state mandated program is called the Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP). Thomas R. Butler, Inc. and its employees are fully compliant in this law. We require all of our sub-contractors to be transparent. We achieve this by implementing rules and procedures into our contracts that best protect our client’s interests. Our team will work closely with our client to ensure that the sub-contractors remain compliant during their contract period.

  • Congratulations to you and your “Butler Team” for the very nice job you did on the construction of the Orchard Village Apartments. I look forward to an opportunity to work with your firm again and you may certainly feel free to use us as an qualified reference at any time.

  • Now that we have been in our beautiful Butler home for almost one year, we thought it was time to express our sincere appreciation for the outstanding job Thomas R. Butler, Inc did during all phases of the project. From the valuable input during the design phase with the architect, construction and the PG&E rebate battle, all aspects flowed smoothly.

    The professionalism and courtesy demonstrated by Thomas R. Butler Inc should be the envy of all developers. I will continue to refer friends who plan on constructing a new home to your firm.

  • You must see the fabulous vase in this room. It couldn't possibly be any better. We have it and thank you so very much. When settled, we'll have you out for “dinner in the dirt”

    Greg, a special kudo to you for doing such a grand job and for making it a nice experience you have been so pleasant to work with and we do appreciate all your efforts.