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Our Mission

Thomas R. Butler, Inc., is the San Joaquin Valley’s most trusted and respected builder of commercial, multi-family and custom home projects. Our company spans the generations, and our work does too. We are a family business, not bound by tradition, but more responsive, value-driven and innovative because of it. For more than forty years, we have established a legacy of excellence in building innovative projects and lasting relationships with our clients.

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Thomas R. Butler

Thomas is a master builder, having built both high quality structures and a family business known for excellence and innovation.

Even though he is Chairman of the Board at Thomas R Butler, Inc., Thomas still reads the fine print of every project plan. His keen eye, with over 50 years of experience in construction, can spot better ways to save time and resources for clients.

Thomas’ passion for building is infectious, which is probably why his three sons have also dedicated their lives to building and the family business.

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T. Scott Butler

Scott makes sure everyone, from clients to employees, feels like a valued member of the Butler family.

As President and CEO of Thomas R Butler, Inc., Scott oversees the company’s day-to-day operations. From operations to IT, Scott ensures everything runs smoothly so the company can focus on building the best structures in the Valley.

Scott seeks out the opportunity to meet new people to foster both new friendships and new building challenges. He considers each client a valued member of the family.

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Greg Butler

Greg manages every project from the ground up.

As Vice President Assistant Treasurer, Greg oversees the entire construction process from the ground breaking to project completion. Greg connects all the project stakeholders, unifies their vision, and exacts the client’s wishes.

Greg is usually the first one in the office each morning. He would tell you it’s because he wants to get a head start on the day’s projects, but really, it’s because he loves what he does every day.

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Stephen P. Butler

If you look closely, you’ll find Stephen’s stamp of approval on each Thomas R. Butler, Inc. building.

Not a traditional stamp, that is, but each project Thomas R. Butler, Inc. builds carries the Vice President of Construction’s approval, marked by impeccable craftsmanship and close attention to detail.

Stephen’s love of construction sets him apart from others in the industry and is the foundation of over thirty-five years worth of valued relationships with both clients and other craftsmen.

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Michael Butler

Michael is a Fresno State graduate from the Construction Management program and a three-year transplant from the Bay Area’s construction industry.

His construction-related experiences range from education, multi-family, mixed-use, and commercial structures comprised of lumber, concrete, steel and post-tensioned assemblies. Three years in construction is a small scoop of time and knowledge from the vast sea of information in this industry, but Michael’s aptitude, attitude, and willingness to learn have proven to be his drive for excellence and success.

The Bay Area’s rigorous and fast-paced nature has well prepared Michael, Assistant Project Manager at Thomas R. Butler, Inc., for future business in the Central Valley.

Ryan Pic

Ryan Butler

Ryan is part of the third generation to join Thomas R. Butler, Inc. He graduated from Fresno Pacific University with a degree in Business.

Ryan has a background in sales as he sold construction and plumbing supplies for three years before joining the Thomas R. Butler, Inc. team. Ryan is excited to venture into the construction management field, he has some great teachers that he can learn from!

Ryan is eager to put to use all of the knowledge and tools that he has gained from his past into the growth of Thomas R. Butler, Inc. and keep the company going for generations to come.

Delia Pic

Delia Sanchez

You can count on Delia, especially when it comes to your account.

As Bookkeeper for Thomas R. Butler, Inc., Delia manages and records all financial transactions down to the last penny. She is the one who can answer all your billing and financial questions.

Delia enjoys bookkeeping because it’s like putting a complex puzzle together.

  • Congratulations to you and your “Butler Team” for the very nice job you did on the construction of the Orchard Village Apartments. I look forward to an opportunity to work with your firm again and you may certainly feel free to use us as an qualified reference at any time.

  • Now that we have been in our beautiful Butler home for almost one year, we thought it was time to express our sincere appreciation for the outstanding job Thomas R. Butler, Inc did during all phases of the project. From the valuable input during the design phase with the architect, construction and the PG&E rebate battle, all aspects flowed smoothly.

    The professionalism and courtesy demonstrated by Thomas R. Butler Inc should be the envy of all developers. I will continue to refer friends who plan on constructing a new home to your firm.

  • You must see the fabulous vase in this room. It couldn't possibly be any better. We have it and thank you so very much. When settled, we'll have you out for “dinner in the dirt”

    Greg, a special kudo to you for doing such a grand job and for making it a nice experience you have been so pleasant to work with and we do appreciate all your efforts.